The Distant Proximity of a Close-up

My first online session was indeed an analytic experience. Even though I consider myself very literate in all kinds of media, I was somehow skeptical about a virtual psychoanalytical session. I’ve been using technology since I was a young child, thanks to my mother, who studied Computer Science in the 1970s. Computer as a communication device entered my life in the early 1990s when I was still a teenager and used mIRC to chat with people from other places.

“In coffee, small changes make significant transformations”

On the lookout for stunning coffees, we are always partnering with people that share our values – sustainability, long-term relationships, and sharing knowledge. We welcomed on the 24th of September, Marjorie Canjura, field engineer and quality advisor of Belco, our coffee sourcing partner based in France. She talked about her work with coffee farmers that aims to improve the quality and yield of their plantations.

It is all about flavour

When I think about coffee, the first thing that comes to my mind is its aroma: The delicious smell that comes out when I’m grinding coffee or brewing it. It connects me directly to my senses, bringing comfort and nice feelings. That’s nothing better than starting the day with a fresh cup of coffee. The Specialty Coffee experience is all about flavour and what it takes to have the most stunning coffees. But what makes the coffee flavour?

Day of protest

Brazilian filmmakers read letter in Berlin asking for their country’s audiovisual policies to be upheld and expanded. In the letter, the filmmakers point to the advances made by the audiovisual sector in recent years in terms of public policy, thanks to the work of Ancine, Brazil’s regulatory body for the film industry. The advances can be seen in the participation of the Brazilian films in international film festivals – such as the Berlinale.
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